2-Mercaptopyridine N-Oxide Zinc Salt

2-Mercaptopyridine N-Oxide Zinc Salt
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Zinc pyrithione Solid 


Zinc pyrithione ZPT CAS 13463-41-7 is a coordination complex of zinc. It has fungistatic (that is,it inhibits the division of fungal cells) andbacteriostatic (inhibits bacterial cell division) properties and is used in the treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis. Boiling point is 253.8°C,Flash point is 107.3°C,Insoluble in water.

Due to its low solubility in water (8 ppm at neutral pH), zinc pyrithione is suitable for use in outdoor paints and other products that provide protection against mildew and algae. It is an effectivealgaecide. It is chemically incompatible with paints relying on metal carboxylate curing agents. When used in latex paints with water containing high amount of iron, a sequestering agent that will preferentially bind the iron ions is needed. Its decomposition by ultraviolet light is slow, providing years of protection even against direct sunlight.

Zinc pyrithione Solid Basic info:

Model NO.: 13463-41-7

Variety: Zinc Pyrithione Powder

Purity: 96% Min

Packaging: 25 kg per drum

Origin: China (Mainland)

Appearance: White Powdery Solid

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