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Why The Concentration Of Flame Retardants In The Use Of The Process Is Too High?

Sep 20, 2017

Flame retardants in the use of the process there will be many problems, but only understand the reasons and solutions to the correct solution to the problem. Some customers will think that the higher the concentration of flame retardant flame retardant the better the effect of high concentrations of flame retardants lead to a certain degree of change in flame retardant, then the use of flame retardants in the process of how to do too high?

1. Use a high concentration of flame retardant to treat flame retardants (fabric, wood) can add the right amount of water to reduce the concentration.

2. Shorten the flame retardant treatment time. Such as shortening the flame retardant soaking fabric, wood time.

3. Immediately stop the treatment of flame retardants and switch to low concentrations of flame retardants to continue processing.