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The Role Of Wetting Agent

Sep 20, 2017

Abstract: the dynamic characteristics of ultra low tension, excellent wetting properties, high water solubility, especially suitable for high hydrophilic formula, the substrate is recommended for high speed coating, spraying, difficult to wet.

A substance that improves the wettability of pigment particles to others and helps maintain the dispersion stability of pigment particles. As the wetting agent, dispersing agent can reduce the surface tension of the liquid, the pigment and filler is more easily dispersed in the dispersion medium, often two together called wetting and dispersing agents, but the main function and effect of the two mechanisms are different.

In order to obtain a stable dispersion system, nonionic surfactant with the best HLB value (hydrophilic lipophilic balance value) is selected as wetting agent. With the increase of polarity or hydrophilicity of disperse phase pigment, the HLB value of wetting agent must be improved accordingly. The optimum HLB values required for the dispersion of pigments are shown.

Use advice

Dosage: generally 0.05-1%, different systems due to absorption or digestion of ST-83 is also different, the amount of added should be changed according to the actual situation