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The Role Of Antimicrobial Agents

Aug 27, 2018

It is understood that the antimicrobial agent not only has good bactericidal and antibacterial effects, but also has significant anti-inflammatory effects. It can perform antibacterial and deodorant finishing on various fibers and blended fabrics, and can also be combined with various polymers in general processing conditions. The composite production of antibacterial and anti-mold polymer products; has excellent compatibility and synergistic effect, so it is widely used in various aspects.

Since the antimicrobial agent is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, and safe new antibacterial agent, it has been safely applied to antibacterial dishwashing detergents. The antibacterial agent can be prepared by compounding the antimicrobial agent with ordinary detergent at a mass ratio of 0.3% to obtain an antibacterial detergent with good antibacterial effect.

At the same time, the antimicrobial agent can be used as a fabric sanitary finishing agent, and its outstanding advantages are mainly: high antibacterial efficiency, wide range of antibacterial spectrum, low toxicity to human body, simple processing and finishing method; and the finishing agent is nonionic and easy to use. It can be hygienically finished when it is matched with other finishing reagents. The physical properties of the finished fabric are almost unchanged, and are suitable for both cotton fabrics, silk fabrics, and chemical fiber fabrics and blend fabrics.


In addition, antimicrobial agents can also be used in polymeric articles. In general, long-chain high molecular polymers containing N or saturated double bonds are more susceptible to microbial attack than polymers of other molecular structural forms, so antimicrobial and mildew resistant polymeric articles can be produced using antimicrobial agents.