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Pyrithione Salt Considerations

Jun 12, 2018

Pyrithione salts use grass green crystalline powders, which are insoluble in water when used, slightly soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide, and have a high stability during operation. Pyrithione salt can be stored for a long period of time in a dark condition. It is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, environmentally-friendly antifouling agent and bacteriostatic agent.

The main purpose of pyrithione salt

Pyrithione salts are mainly used in marine antifouling paints, architectural coatings, metal processing, pesticides, etc. when used.

Pyrithione salt precautions

Pyrithione salts are low in toxicity when used, but are very safe to use, and to a certain extent they still need to avoid contact with the mouth, eyes and skin. Please do a good job of protection during operation.

Pyrithione salt should be stored in cool place

Pyrithione salts, to a certain extent, involve a kind of anti-dandruff bactericidal components commonly used in the field of daily chemicals, and to a certain extent, a surface-modified pyrithione salt and its application are disclosed. The surface-modified pyrithione salt is a surfactant-modified monovalent or polyvalent pyrithione salt, which is obtained by dispersing a monovalent or polyvalent pyrithione salt in a solvent at 40 to 100°C. The surfactant is added at the surface modification temperature, and the mixture is fully stirred, aged for 1-3 hours, cooled to 40-60° C., filtered, and the filter residue is dried.

The surface-modified pyrithione salt can effectively prolong the time that the product particles kill fungi on the surface of the scalp and hair when used, so that it can effectively improve the dandruff and itching to a certain extent. The effect can also effectively improve the phenomenon of hair astringent and dry after washing with anti-dandruff shampoo, enhance the conditioning of the hair, and can also repair the damaged hair.

The method for controllably preparing small-size pyrithione salt particles is carried out by the respective feed pumps of the pyrithione or pyrithione water-soluble salt and multivalent metal salt solution during the operation. In the microreactor connected to the pump, the molar ratio of the two in the microchannel reactor is 0.1-10:1. Control reaction temperature is 0-100 °C, pyridinethione or water-soluble pyrithione salt.