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Properties And Usage Of Wetting Agents

Sep 20, 2017

This product is organosilicon nonionic surfactant, low surface tension, excellent substrate wettability, extensibility, permeability, can be used in ink, paint, resin, pesticides and other fields.

[technical indicators] appearance: colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid viscosity (25 DEG C): 30 - 100mPa.s effective ingredients: 100%

[1.] the product application used in waterborne coatings, water-based ink, water-based adhesive, solvent type printing ink, paint, pigment paste concentrated glass. 2. used as a pesticide spreading agent, can be widely used in pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulators, trace elements and biological pesticides and other agricultural chemicals in the spray. Achieve the purpose of increasing efficiency, saving water, saving labor and medicine, reducing pesticide loss and reducing pesticide residue. It is recommended to use fine nozzle, low flow and high pressure sprayer to save the effect.

[usage] used in printing ink, coating wetting agent general 0.1-1.0%, pigment dispersion 2-10%, pesticide extension agent 0.2-0.5%, used as wetting, spreading agent can be added directly, dispersant need to be added before pigment grinding.