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No Preservative Claims To Be Unreliable

Jan 06, 2018

At present, in order to cater to consumers' demand for product safety, many cosmetics have produced the concept of "no preservative".

But generally, cosmetics need to be added to preservatives to prevent microbial growth. The concept of "no preservative" is misleading, but it is only the overreaction of public opinion on the dangers of preservatives. When enterprises use new chemical substances that are not preservative in the existing cosmetic preservative list, such as polyols, such as ethyl hexyl glycerol, ethylene glycol, octyl glycol, etc., they often claim "no added preservatives". For preservative professionals, the concept of "no preservative" is not scientific.
"Some natural substances with antiseptic properties generally refer to plant extracts, which are usually less effective and more expensive." North Bell cosmetics, Limited by Share Ltd technology production director Wang Yong added.

Zhongshan University Affiliated Hospital Department of Dermatology physician Lai Wei also remind consumers, do not contain preservative ingredients of the product is very dangerous. Because products are easily contaminated by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.), not only products are easy to deteriorate, but also are coated with products containing large quantities of microbes on the skin, so as to increase the possibility of skin infection. It has long been reported in foreign countries that the use of products without effective anticorrosion components appears to be the case of skin problems. It is suggested that consumers should not talk about the color change of "preservatives", and proper proper amount of preservatives can better ensure the safe use of the products.