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Ethyl Hexyl Glycerine, Not To Be Desired

Sep 20, 2017

Ethyl glycerin is a versatile humectant. It can act as a bacteriostatic in the formula. It can be added to the aqueous phase and can be added to the oil phase. When added to water, it can form a bacteriostatic preservative effect on environment, to the entire formula; ethylhexylglycerin can be used to do not add preservatives and other ingredients of Nipagin ester products.

Use: ethylhexylglycerin as an emollient, moisturizing agent and wetting agent can be used for all kinds of skin care emulsion system, can also be used as shampoo, shower gel and other surfactant formulations. Ethyl glycerol can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Suggested use: emulsion system, first dispersed into water; adding polyols, to ensure that it is in the aqueous dispersion of large amount; it can also be dissolved in the oil phase into anhydrous formulation; this product with phenoxy ethanol mixed with better results.