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Chemical Reactions Of Pyridinium Sodium

Sep 20, 2017

Synthesis of mercapto -N- oxygen pyridine: when sulfhydrylation, need to use sodium hydroxide solution to the pH of the solution is adjusted to 9.7 to 10.7, because the first step is under acidic conditions, while the second step sulfhydrylation if under acidic conditions, the sodium sulfide and sodium hydrosulfide in sulfur into hydrogen sulfide gas release, without reaction with 2- chloride -N- oxygen pyridine, it will greatly reduce the yield. PH, between 9.7 and 10.7, can inhibit hydrolysis of salt and dissolve the product in water, because the thiol is soluble in water under alkaline conditions.

Synthesis of pyridinium zinc: pH is controlled at 4~5 of the link when Zn2SO4 is added. 2- mercapto -N - oxygen in pyridine solution of sodium salt is alkaline, if join ZnSO4, will make OH and Zn2 + Zn (OH) combine to form 2 or ZnO22-, and the target so as to reduce the amount of reactants, thus reducing the yield, so in response to the pH value of the solution was adjusted to 4 with hydrochloric acid ~ 5, so as to ensure sufficient Zn2 + to form chelate.