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Chemical Biocides Need To Be Safely Used

Sep 20, 2017

Chemical fungicides mainly rely on temperature, so we need to pay attention to the effect of temperature on the bactericidal effect, as well as the principles and safety of use! Therefore, the following is very important!

Temperature: most chemicals will become more quickly and better as the temperature increases. There are advantages and disadvantages, and higher temperatures can accelerate volatilization and degradation and shorten the validity of chemical fungicides, which should be paid special attention to when using and storing chemicals.

Use principle: the correct use of chemical fungicides can ensure the safety of the experimental site, although it can reduce the risk of infectious substances. But the use of fungicides have a basic principle: as far as possible, do not use as little as possible, as far as possible the use of low toxicity, and even non-toxic fungicides.

Safety: as a chemical fungicide, it is more or less toxic to people or the environment. It should be used carefully according to the manufacturer's instructions. Pay attention to personal safety, try to take precautions and wear protective equipment.