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Wide use of antimicrobial agents and high antibacterial efficiency

Mar 19, 2019

Wide use of antimicrobial agents and high antibacterial efficiency

Antimicrobial agents not only have good bactericidal and antibacterial effects when used, but also have significant anti-inflammatory effects. They can be used for antibacterial and deodorant finishing of various fibers and blended fabrics, and can also be processed with various polymers in general. Composite production of antibacterial and mildewproof polymer

Antimicrobial agents are widely used in the following areas:

1. Antibacterial dishwashing detergent belongs to health care type washing products and has broad market prospects. Antimicrobial agents is a new type of antibacterial agent with high efficiency, broad spectrum and safety. It has been safely applied to antibacterial dishwashing detergents abroad. Chinese scholar Zhang Wei et al. reconstituted the antimicrobial agents and ordinary detergent with a mass ratio of 0.3% to obtain an antibacterial detergent with good antibacterial effect.

2. The outstanding advantages of antimicrobial agents for fabric hygiene finishing agents are as follows: high antibacterial efficiency, wide range of antibacterial spectrum, low toxicity to human body, simple processing and finishing method, and the finishing agent is non-ionic, easy to be combined with other The finishing reagents are matched, and the sanitary finishing can be performed at any time. After finishing, the physical properties of the fabric are almost unchanged, and are suitable for both cotton fabrics, silk fabrics, and chemical fiber fabrics and blend fabrics.