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Where can zinc pyrithione be used?

Jan 05, 2018

Especially the zinc pyrithione emulsion, application development is beneficial to the domestic related fields, it has strong killing ability of fungi and bacteria, which can effectively kill dandruff fungus, has a good effect on the removal of dandruff shampoo, is widely used in the industry; in addition, it can be used as cosmetic preservatives, oil, paint, paper pulp, fungicides.

When zinc pyrithione is used with cuprous oxide, it can be used in antifouling paint, prevent algae and aquatic crustaceans to attach to hull plate; even show great potential in the field of pesticide.

At present, there are mainly two forms of zinc pyrithione on the market, one is solid, usually packed in cardboard barrels, and another is liquid, which is mainly packed in plastic barrels. But no matter what type of zinc pyridione, it should be stored in dry and cool place to avoid direct sunlight, and the container should be sealed when not used.
Although Zinc Pyrithione is low toxic, it can be used safely, but it should also be noticed. If zinc Pyrithione is accidentally exposed to eyes and skin, it should be washed with a large amount of water. At the same time, protective measures should be taken to avoid ingestion or inhalation