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What are the characteristics of environmentally friendly industrial bactericides?

Apr 06, 2019

Environmental protection has always been the focus of people's attention. With the rapid development of industrialization, environmental pollution and air pollution are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, environmental protection is a problem that every enterprise should pay attention to. It has introduced environmentally friendly industrial bactericides to minimize Environmental and air pollution. The peace of mind that people use is not harmful to health.

Environmentally friendly industrial bactericides have long-term effectiveness, and the longer the effective period, the better, but expired bactericides should be degraded into non-toxic substances as soon as possible to avoid environmental pollution. At the same time, he has no negative side effects, preventing the bactericides from generating volatile gases during use or combining with the product to produce harmful substances.

The structural properties and dosage of the bactericides play a decisive role in the bactericidal effect of the microorganism, and also on the object to be used, the environment of use, the type and quantity of the target microorganism, and the like. Efficiently requires a good effect of the bactericides at low concentrations, which effectively avoids excessive use of bactericides and causes unnecessary contamination.

The bactericides has no side effects on the object of use, and is not easily damaged by physical and chemical factors such as light, temperature, oxygen, acid, alkaline substances during use or storage, and has good stability; in addition, its toxicity is low, so that To ensure people's physical safety.