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Use of 2,3- two methyl -2,3- two phenyl butane

Sep 20, 2017

As a high-energy plastic non peroxide initiator, grafting agent, flame retardant, easy to form high stability under certain conditions of free radicals, can be used as a free radical initiator in the copolymerization of polymer, polymer to improve the performance of the. 

For olefins, polymers can be used as synergist for flame retardants, reducing the amount of halogen flame retardants and their influence on the properties of polymers, and improving the flame retardant and flame retardant effects of polymers. The new polymer materials can be used as a catalyst additive, synergistic agent and crosslinking polymer Union and graft copolymerization of polymer materials or initiator, widely used in modification of polyolefin, polyacrylate, polycarbonate, polyether and other polymer materials