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Use and mechanism of dicumene

Mar 16, 2019

The mechanism of action of the dicumene, in the process of operation, the plastic is broken at the high temperature or when burning, the free radical is more conducive to combustion, and the synergist also binds the bond and the polymer free radical, and is closed during operation. Free radicals form a cross-linking grafting effect that prevents combustion.

Use of dicumene

1. The combination of dicumene, widely used in PP, EPS, HIPS, XPS, ABS and other polymer materials flame retardant synergy: in the halogen halogen flame retardant system can greatly reduce the amount of halogen flame retardant and antimony trioxide, smoke suppression Reduce toxicity, reduce costs, improve polymer physical properties; can also be used as a flame retardant synergist in halogen-free flame retardant systems.

2. The amount of combined addition has little effect on the tensile strength of the polymer system, taking into account the tensile properties and flame retardant properties, and taking into account the cost factor, it can be determined that the proper amount in the system is 0.1%-0.2%, the overall flame retardant The dosage can be reduced by 15%-30%.

3. Cross-linking initiator for polymer PP, PS, etc., grafting agent, free radical formation under certain conditions, can be used as a free radical initiator for cross-linking copolymerization of polymers To achieve the purpose of improving polymer properties.