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Typical use of Dicumene

Dicumene is a new type of polymer material additive, which has many uses. For example, it can be used as a synergistic agent for flame retardant of polyolefin plastics. It can replace antimony trioxide in bromine-based flame retardant system, increasing flame retardant effect and reducing The amount of flame retardant increases the physical and mechanical properties of the plastic. It can also be used as a graft catalyst for polystyrene or polypropylene, or as a polymer crosslinking initiator.


The specific specifications of the Dicumene can be packaged according to user requirements. The typical application case of the product shows that if polypropylene is added with 1.6% iodobenzene and 0.2% sb2o3, the product oxygen index is 25.5 when 0.2% is added, and the oxygen index is 19.5 if it is not added. Further, if polystyrene is added with 0.3%-0.5% organic bromide and 0.3% is added, the product flame extinguishing time is less than 3 seconds; if not, it is completely burned.


In addition, in the HIPS formula, the Dicumene can directly replace the use of antimony trioxide, and in the case of achieving the same flame retardant effect, the amount of the bromine-based flame retardant used in the combined dry formula is reduced by 50%. The amount of the Dicumene itself is 40% of the antimony trioxide.www.china-zhufengchem.com