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Typical applications and use advantages of dicumene

Apr 17, 2018

As the synergistic synergist of polyolefin plastics in the process of operation, dicumene can replace three oxidation of antimony in brominated flame retardant system, increase the effect of flame retardancy, reduce the amount of flame retardant and increase the physical and mechanical properties of the plastic.

To a certain extent, dicumene is mainly used for grafting of polypropylene and polystyrene catalyst.

Typical application of dicumene

Adding 0.3%-0.5% organic bromide and 0.3% of dicumene to polystyrene products, the product's flame extinction time is less than 3 seconds, if not added, it will burn completely.

In the HIPS formula, three antimony oxide was completely replaced by dicumene. In the case of the same flame retardant effect, the amount of brominated flame retardant was reduced by 50%, while the amount of the dicumene itself was 40% of three oxidation two antimony.