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Types of fungicides

Mar 28, 2020

There are many types of fungicides. In addition, the types of commonly used chemical fungicides are as follows: 1. Halogen fungicides 2. Oxidant fungicides 3. Surfactant fungicides 4. Heterocyclic gas fungicides 5. Alcohol Bactericides 6, chlorhexidine bactericides 7, compound bactericides such as carbamazepine, Shuangxiaoling, anthrax fume, antitoxin alum M8, metalaxyl copper, DT bactericide, metalaxyl manganese zinc, seed-mixing manganese Zinc, thiophanate-methyl manganese-zinc, widely sterilized milk powder, metalaxyl-fumei double wettable powder, etc. 8. Other fungicides such as metalaxyl, sclerotin, procymidone, prochlorin, sterilized dan, clotrimazole, teflon, diflubenzin, retinal mold, formalin, high fat film , Bacteriozone, fenoxacarb, quinclofenone, enoyl morpholine manganese zinc, etc.