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Types of emollients and their selection techniques

Jun 13, 2019

All emollients and re-fat additives come from natural or chemically synthesized oils and fats, which can be divided into polar and non-polar substances, their chemical structure affecting the interaction and sensory properties of the skin, as One class of substances, emollients include lipids, oils and their derivatives, fatty acid esters, lanolin derivatives, polydimethylsiloxanes and organofunctional derivatives. 

In cosmetic formulations, emollients serve different functions, and we should choose the right emollient type based on product performance requirements. The structure of an ester not only affects the skin feel left by the emollient, but also affects the spreading properties of the emollient on the skin. In addition, consideration should be given to occlusion, lubrication, dispersion, suspension, dissolution, compatibility with other groups of products, and effects on product appearance. 

Since the aqueous phase is almost evaporated after the product is applied, the oil phase becomes the actual carrier for pigment lubrication and dispersion, so that the wetting ability of the emollient in the O/W emulsion relative to the pigment is also a key consideration. There is also oxidative stability of emollients.www.china-zhufengchem.com