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The use and preparation of Copper Pyrithione

Feb 04, 2018

Copper Pyrithione sulfide ketone is a kind of effect is very good bacteriostatic agent, it mainly by the powder and the slurry produced by mixing two kinds of products, mainly used in coating, paint, and other fields of dandruff and antibacterial antibacterial and daily chemical industry.Used for cosmetic especially shampoo dandruff pyridine sulfur ketone copper main consideration is that its crystal shape and size, the lamellar morphology and size appropriate particle size to the dandruff effect of pyridine sulfur ketone copper.

The Copper Pyrithione can not only be considered as an effective anti-dandruff agent, but also has a wide spectrum inhibitory effect on the gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria in cosmetics.It can even inhibit the growth of fungi in cosmetics such as yeast and mold.Inhibit the growth of algae and so on.

the application of Copper Pyrithione is also have some requirements, especially when its cooperation with other ingredients, need to try to avoid using pyridine ketone of sulfur in the copper. Strong oxidizer or strong reductant.Should also consider the influence of metal ion, iron ion, copper ion of the stability of pyridine sulfur ketone compounds than pyridine sulfur ketone copper, so when mixed with these ions copper sulfur pyridine ketone, displacement reaction will happen, make color deeper other metal ions, pyridine sulfur ketone compounds.

Want to know, even if the products only a few parts per million of these ions exist, can cause color change, so the production process to avoid the occurrence of these ions, so in the production of pyridine copper sulfide ketone, recommend the use of stainless steel production equipment or enamel production equipment.

Electrical conductivity of water and use as far as possible below 5 mu s/cm, if conductivity under 20 mu s/cm, before joining pyridine sulfur ketone copper is recommended to join a small amount of zinc salt in order to avoid producing ferric iron pyridine ketone of sulfur compounds.In addition, chelating agents such as EDTA can be used to produce pyridine thione anions and EDTA compounds, but no effect on the bactericidal effect of pyridine thione.