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The role of ethyl hexylglycerol

Feb 02, 2018

In appearance, ethyl hexylglycerol is a colorless transparent liquid, but some of it will also appear yellowish-yellow.In terms of attributes, ethylhexylglycerol belongs to a type of high purity glycerol.In terms of performance, it not only has antibacterial and deodorizing ability, but also promotes the effect of alcohols and increases the moisturizing properties of products.

Actually people for ethyl hexyl glycerine use at ordinary times or more, because it has excellent moisturizing function, thus can be a moisturizer and versatility in the formula can have the effect of bacteriostasis.When used, ethyl hexylglycerol can be added to the water phase and can be added to the oil phase.

When ethyl hexylglycerol is added to the water phase, it can form a bacteriostatic environment, which is antiseptic to the whole formulation, so it is also a traditional preservative for increasing efficiency.Through repeated experiments, ethyl hexylglycerol can be used to increase the traditional cosmetic preservatives, such as phenoxyethanol, methyl isothiazolinone or nepoxymethyl ester.

Test showed that ethyl hexyl glycerin can increase efficiency by alcohol and two alcohols, such as in an oil-in-water emulsion with ethyl hexyl glycerin, can effectively improve the glycol like butyl glycol or glycol antibacterial effect, to give full play to its function.

In addition to these functions, ethyl hexyl glycerol can achieve remarkable deodorization effect, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria breeding of bad smells, and shall not affect the human body beneficial skin flora and help to protect human health.