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The role of emollients and its influencing factors

Oct 19, 2018

The so-called emollient refers to a preparation for improving the skin condition to maintain a soft, smooth and elastic appearance in a cosmetic skin care product. Emollients rely on their ability to stay on the surface of the skin or in the stratum corneum. It mainly includes three moisturizers: moisturizer, body cream and body lotion.


In cosmetics, emollients occupy an important position. Their composition is similar to that of creams, creams and exposed products. The main ingredients are oil esters and waxy oils, higher alcohols, emulsifiers, moisturizers and deionized water. Auxiliary ingredients are nutritional supplements, preservatives and fragrances. Some also add chelating agents, bactericides, thickeners, solubilizers and powders. It has many benefits, such as moisturizing the skin, lubricating the skin, protecting and softening the skin, as well as increasing the residence time of the water in the skin, which also affects the skin feel properties of the cosmetic formulation.


Regarding the chemical structure requirements of the molecules in the emollient composition, usually the presence or absence of polarity, unsaturation, presence or absence of branches in the molecular chain and its branch position and molecular size can affect the mutual emollients on the surface of the skin. The mechanism of action, which in turn affects its sensory properties to the skin.