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The role of caprylyl in cosmetics

Nov 22, 2019

Caprylyl is a preservative in cosmetics. Caprylyl alcohol is not only a good moisturizer, but also has a bacteriostatic function. It is a skin conditioner, which can play a moisturizing and softening effect and achieve a mild antiseptic effect. It is often used as a solvent or additive in cosmetics.

Glycol preservatives include butanediol, pentanediol, hexanediol, decanediol, and caprylyl glycol, which can relatively reduce the activity of water and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. In addition, these substances are often solvents for many insoluble preservatives , Can play the role of dissolving preservatives.

The statement about "sensitization by cosmetic preservatives" is also inaccurate. Cosmetic allergies are usually because consumers themselves are sensitive skin, and the allergen is not necessarily the preservative in the product.

"No preservative products" on the market is mostly a concept used by businesses for hype, and no preservative-free cosmetics do not exist. Consumers do not need to talk about "rot" discoloration. What we are really vigilant about is adding excessive preservatives and using illegal additives. Therefore, consumers must buy cosmetics from formal channels.

Cosmetics with more water have a greater need for preservatives, such as lotions and lotions; the closer they are to ointments or waxy cosmetics, the more difficult it is for microorganisms to survive, and the demand for preservatives is relatively small.