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The role and shape requirements of octyl glycol in cosmetics

Jul 08, 2019

Shape of ginol

White waxy solid at room temperature, characteristic odor, soluble in water, no pH and temperature limitation; recommended to be compounded with antifungal agents. It is used to moisturize, condition the skin, assist in emulsification and adjust viscosity.

Application of octyl glycol

Glycolol is both a good moisturizer and antiseptic, and a versatile alternative to preservatives. It can prevent bacteria and yeast from exceeding the standard in water matrix formula; help to maintain the stability and viscosity of the emulsion; and assist emulsifiers such as polyglycerol-3-stearate and sodium stearoyl lactate to play a better role.

Recommended dosage of octyl glycol: 0.3-0.5%

Is the role of octyl glycol in cosmetics a preservative?

Yes, common preservatives are: phenoxyethanol (micro-irritation, transmitted skin permeability, subcutaneous accumulation) Diimidazolidinyl urea, urea aldehyde (formaldehyde release, hyperallergenic, combined with triethanolamine carcinogenic) Gold esters, benzoic acid esters (infiltrated into the skin by oils and accumulated in the body).