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The practical application effect of dicumene?

Dec 11, 2017

As a synergist of flame retardants, dicumene can not only help to transfer halogen chains by the formation of free radicals, but also can promote the generation of halogen free radicals when the external temperature rises, so as to achieve the effect of flame retardancy.

The amount of dicumene has no obvious effect on the tensile strength of the whole system. The elongation at break of the system even decreases with the increase of dicumene’s content. However, when the content increase, the interface status of the system may be reduced.

Dicumene has excellent flame retardancy synergistic effect. After adding proper amount of dicumene, it can not only improve the elongation at break of the system, but also effectively enhance the flame retardancy.

Dicumene .jpg

The main function of dicumene is to be used as graft catalyst, polymer crosslinking initiator, engineering plastic modifier and flame retardant synergist.

In the current market, dicumene is applied as Flame retardant synergist of polyolefin plastics, so that not only can guarantee good flame retardancy effect. At the same time, it can also reduce the amount of flame retardants, and can also enhance the physical and mechanical properties of the plastic.