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The main function of emollient

Dec 21, 2018

An emollient is a preparation that helps to improve the condition of the skin and keep the skin soft and smooth for a longer period of time. Emollients rely on their ability to stay on the surface of the skin or in the stratum corneum. Its main ingredients are oil esters and waxy oily agents, higher alcohols, emulsifiers, humectants and deionized water. The auxiliary ingredients are nutritional additives, preservatives and perfumes. Some also add chelating agents, bactericides, thickeners, solubilizers and powders.


Emollients are mainly used in a variety of cosmetics, and can achieve different functional effects, as follows:

1. Improve natural skin lipids;

2, the preparation has good absorbability, and thus can effectively provide care and protection for the skin;

3, improve the appearance of the skin, make the skin smooth and shiny;

4. Lubricate the skin;

5. A solubilizing agent or an insoluble component dispersing agent (wetting and dispersing pigment) used as an active component;

6. Compound with some suitable components (in the emulsion) to maintain skin moisture;

7, the use of emollients can also achieve the purpose of adjusting the consistency and appearance of the formula.http://china-zhufengchem.com/