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The main components of emollients and their effects

Nov 15, 2018

Emollients help to improve the condition of the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and elastic. Emollients work primarily through their ability to stay on the surface of the skin or in the stratum corneum. It mainly includes three moisturizers: moisturizer, body cream and body lotion. Their composition is similar to that of creams, creams, and dew products.


That is to say, in the emollient products, the main components are: oil ester and wax oily agent, higher alcohol, emulsifier, moisturizer and deionized water, auxiliary ingredients with nutrient additives, preservatives and spices . Some also add chelating agents, bactericides, thickeners, solubilizers and powders. The product can form a dense moisturizing system on the surface of the skin by simulating the surface of the human skin. It can form a dense film on the skin surface, prevent the deep moisture evaporation of the skin, hydrate the stratum corneum itself, soften the keratin and increase the skin. The amount of water improves the skin texture.


In comparison, the emollients of polar emollients are more pronounced, and the skin feel is refreshed compared to glycerides. Generally speaking, as the molecular weight increases, the viscosity increases, and the skin feel of the emollient becomes thicker and thicker; the softness and smoothness of the unsaturated fatty acid esters are better than the corresponding saturated fatty acid esters.https://www.china-zhufengchem.com/