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The importance of flame retardants in daily life

May 26, 2020

Flame retardants are not only used in the chemical industry, they are also widely used in our daily lives. So what specific industries are flame retardants applied to? Let's get to know it together.

At present, although most hotels and guesthouses use steel structures or reinforced concrete structures, a large number of decorations and furnishings use wood, cloth, plastics, fabrics and other combustible materials. Once a fire occurs, a large amount of combustible materials will cause the fire to spread quickly; most Combustible materials will also produce toxic fumes when burning, which brings difficulties to evacuation and rescue, and endangers personal safety. It can be seen that flame retardants are indispensable in life.

Prevention of hotels and guesthouses before fire:

Wood, cloth, plastic, fabric and other combustible materials constitute the main decoration materials of hotels and guesthouses. Reasonable use of various decoration materials and active use of advanced fire protection technology to prevent the occurrence of fire and limit its spread. Flammable wood, cloth, plastics, and fabrics are protected by flame retardants, so there is no doubt that they will win a first-line life for the helpless life in the fire.