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The function of octyl glycol preservative

Sep 10, 2018

Under normal circumstances, cosmetics with more moisture have a greater demand for octyl glycol preservatives, and the closer to ointment or waxy cosmetics, the more difficult it is for microbes. The main role of octyl glycol preservatives is to kill and inhibit cosmetics. The microorganisms in the body maintain the quality of the cosmetics for a long time. It mainly acts on multiple targets such as cell membranes, cell walls and enzymes of microorganisms, destroys cell division, inhibits bacterial growth and reproduction, and achieves antiseptic purposes.


Usually, in cosmetic or skin care products, there are certain restrictions on the amount of octyl glycol preservative added. At present, common cosmetic preservatives include benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, boric acid, sorbic acid, and other alcohols and aldehydes. However, the main role played is relatively consistent. Firstly, it can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in cosmetics, maintain the stability of the cosmetics, make it difficult to deteriorate after opening and use, and prolong the storage time.


Survival, the demand for preservatives is relatively small. In the production of cosmetics, several kinds of preservatives are usually used for compounding, thereby achieving the effects of expanding the antibacterial range, improving the drug effect, and resisting secondary pollution.