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The effect of flame retardant synergist in the whole flame retardant system

Jan 26, 2018

Flame retardant agent association effect, in fact is a kind of the assistance of the main flame retardant reagent, especially halogen free flame retardant agent association effect, with nitrogen, phosphorus compounds and metal hydroxide is given priority to, also includes the nitrogen and phosphorus expansion system, environment-friendly flame retardants made of graphite expansion system, is the first choice for use in the future.

That is because the compound used in this kind of flame retardant synergistic agent does not volatilize and produce corrosive gas during combustion, so it not only has good flame retardant effect, but also is safe and pollution-free.In order to further control the flame retardant association agent adding quantity and cost, a combination of nanotechnology, capsule coating technology, and the distribution of coordination mechanism of surface treatment technology, research in addition to including the MMT, coordinated effect agent FR - 18, flame retardant agent association effect.

The flame retardant synergistic agent can coordinate the physical properties and improve the effect of flame retardant in the whole fire retardant compatibility system.Generally, the addition of the synergist is much less than the main flame retardant, thus reducing the dosage of the main flame retardant and reducing the cost.

Burning is a complicated process, different fibers and different flame retardants have a variety of different nature, but in the case of higher temperature, they can form inkstone in fiber surface cover, starvation, and prevent gas nun can spread outward.

Some people think that flame retardant association effect agent can decompose or gas under the combustion temperature, the fiber can be tender, released by thermal decomposition under diluted to the concentration of combustible gas concentration, or can generate captured live get higher free radical inhibitors, termination of free radical reaction.

Also some think the flame retardant association effect can occur at high temperature melting touch, such as gasification endothermic effect, reduce the generation of heat, prevent the spread of the burning, or the quantity of heat quickly spread, make the fabric can not meet the combustion temperature.In the actual flame retardant finishing, there may be several functions at the same time, but mainly in a certain role.