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The difference between wetting agents and levelling agents?

Sep 20, 2017

The first thing to say is that wetting agents, dispersants, and levelling agents are three different agents, and their performance is different. Wetting agent not only has low surface tension of the external conditions, must also have the inner condition, it is its own molecular structure has excellent affinity for some inorganic or organic compounds, is to reduce the surface tension is not enough to produce wetting material. And the pure dispersant is a surfactant, mainly to disperse, the attached particles, to produce a repulsive force between the particles, the particles is not easy to have gathered again, that we see from the surface of flocculation. 

We usually use are dispersant and wetting agent with wetting in use, it is often seen dispersant, wetting agent plays a lead each slot into the particle dispersing agent, dispersing agent to make all particles separated, so that all particles suspended in the system. The levelling agent not only reduces the surface tension of the material to play the role of wetting leveling, but also the high boiling point solvent in the leveling agent can prolong the opening time of the coating surface and give the coating a longer time leveling. At the same time on the market at present most of leveling agent also has additional properties such as smoothness, scratch resistance, simple leveling sense has been unable to meet customer demand.