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The difference between fungicides and bacteriostats

Apr 17, 2020

1. Different modes of action

Bacteriostatic agents work by inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria. Bactericides destroy the bacterial cell structure and cause bacterial death. One is to kill bacteria and the other is to inhibit growth.

2. Different fields of use

Due to its high safety and antibacterial effect, antibacterial agents are widely used in many fields such as antibacterial, antifungal, and disinfection. And other ideal antibacterial agents.

And fungicides can control or kill microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and algae in the water system. The main fields are agricultural fungicides and industrial fungicides.

Third, the difference between ingredients

Bacteriostatic agents are mainly natural plant ingredients to achieve the effect of inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria, and fungicides are mainly to destroy bacteria through their chemical ingredients.