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The basic parameters and utility functions of 1, 2-octanediol

Feb 02, 2018

1, 2- Octanediol is a typical polyol preservative, which can be added to many products and has a good antiseptic effect.

1, 2- Octanediol can be colorless liquid, can also be white solid, the density is about 0.914 g/cm. The melting point is 36~38, the boiling point is 131~132 /10 mmHg, and the flash point is over 113 .


Under normal circumstances, 1, 2- octanediol is mainly used in cosmetics as an antibacterial moisturizer. It can also be used in bathing, shampoo and other products to play a role of thickening and stabilizing bubbles. It can be seen that 1, 2- octanediol can improve skin moisturizing function of skin care products, and has excellent antimicrobial activity, which helps to enhance the efficacy of anti-corrosion system.


Under certain technological conditions, as the additive, 1,2- octanediol also has a significant effect on the strength and morphology of the sodium aluminate solution. The results show that the addition of 1,2-octanedioln can obviously inhibit the decomposition of sodium aluminate solution.


At the same time, after adding additives, there are many small crystals formed in the sodium aluminate solution. These small crystals are filled in the grain gap, or are embedded into large particles, and there are more fine grains filled with larger particles as binder. The strength of products is obviously improved.