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Talking about the antibacterial property of octyl glycol preservative

Dec 27, 2018

From the actual application effect analysis, we can regard octyl glycol preservative as a very effective viscosity modifier, with moisturizing and fatliquoring properties, and also help the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of cosmetic formulations. The octyl glycol preservative can be used alone or in combination with certain ingredients, and it has strong antibacterial activity in combination with other alkanediol preservatives.


Moreover, after the use of the octyl glycol preservative, the cosmetic not only has a strong antiseptic property, but also does not require the addition of a conventional preservative. Therefore, octylene glycol can be used as a substitute for parabens or other undesirable preservatives. Its antibacterial properties include: mold; yeast; Gram-negative; Gram-positive.


The main features of octyl glycol preservative: 1, can be used as a multifunctional moisturizer; 2, a good viscosity modifier; 3, fat-producing agent; 4, friendly to the skin; 5, strong antibacterial activity. The octyl glycol application is not limited by the pH range. It can be mixed with the water phase or the oil phase during the formulation process.www.china-zhufengchem.com