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Synthesis and route selection of 1,2-octanediol

Nov 07, 2018

1,2-octanediol is a colorless, transparent, pungent odor liquid that can be mixed in a random ratio with a variety of organic chemicals and has a good formulation compatibility. So far, 1,2-octanediol has been widely used in synthetic perfumes, lubricant additives, plasticizers, adhesives and other industries.


At the same time, with its wide application, people have paid extensive attention to the synthesis of 1,2-octanediol. In the process of synthetic processing, it is first necessary to select a suitable process route. In chemical engineering, water-soluble ortho-diols, especially 1,2-diols, are a class of products of particular interest in the chemical industry.


In general, during the processing and synthesis of 1,2-octanediol, the requirements for reaction temperature, reaction time, catalyst selection and production process control are very strict. The reaction temperature has a certain influence on the product yield. Under the action of the catalyst, formic acid, hydrogen peroxide and 1-octene start to react at room temperature. However, in order to carry out the reaction in the direction favoring the formation of 1,2-octanediol, it is necessary to appropriately raise the reaction temperature.