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Reasons for the high demand for flame retardant materials in the plastics industry

May 12, 2020

In order to increase the flame resistance of polymer materials, it is mainly used for polymer materials such as plastics, rubber, fibers, etc., and most of these materials are combustible. Especially for plastics, if it is to be used in transportation, construction, electrical equipment, aviation, space flight, etc., it is urgent to solve its combustion resistance problem.

Generally, the following conditions should be met: the physical properties of polymer materials are not reduced, such as heat resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical properties; the decomposition temperature should not be too high, but it cannot be decomposed at the processing temperature; the durability is good; the weather resistance is good ; Cheap.

When adding PP flame retardant, you must ensure that your raw materials are pure PP materials, otherwise the reaction of PE and PP will eventually make the product less flame retardant, or even not flame retardant.

PP is a highly flammable material with a limiting oxygen index of only 17.5 and a carbon formation rate of almost 0. It is easy to melt and drip. Because people's awareness of fire prevention is gradually increasing, the addition of polypropylene flame retardants is very necessary.