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Properties of pyrithione salts and Its Synthesis Technology

May 09, 2019

The toxicity and solubility of pyrithione salts are much lower than other pyrithione salts, such as sodium salt, zinc salt, etc. The basic synthetic route of pyrithione salt is to dissolve soluble pyrithione sodium salt with soluble copper salt. The reaction is carried out at a certain temperature, washed, filtered, and dried to obtain a green powder of pyrithione salts. 

The reaction medium can be water, or water plus a surfactant, or an organic solvent, or a mixture of these materials. The key material for determining the production cost, purity and color of the pyrithione salts is the purity of the sodium pyrithione and the copper salt, and determining whether the shape of the pyrithione salt particles is needle-like, flake or granular, and the surface The hydrophilic and lipophilic nature of the property is closely related to the reaction medium system. The size of the pyrithione salts particles has a great relationship with the reaction medium and the production equipment. It is also possible to further adjust the size of the particles by using a grinding device in the later stage to make the distribution range narrower.