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Preservative selection considerations

In order to use preservatives effectively, you should first pay attention to reasonable choices. First, in order for the preservative to function effectively to prevent microbial growth on the surface of the polymer, a sufficient amount of preservative should be allowed to migrate to the surface of the polymer. However, the speed of migration should not be too fast or ooze out of the polymer to avoid reducing the service life of plastic products. It is also important that a certain amount of preservative does not migrate to play its role.


Secondly, the preservative products selected should be supervised by the Environmental Protection Agency. And preservative manufacturers must provide the EPA with data on safety, efficacy and use. In addition, the effect of preservatives must be evaluated in each formulation. There are generally two methods for evaluating the ability to resist microbial erosion: controlled laboratory evaluations and field trials.


The so-called controlled laboratory evaluation refers to the rapid determination of the ability of the preservative to actually resist microbial attack. Through careful and controlled research, the degree to which polymers are susceptible to erosion can be detected quickly and easily. Moreover, by appropriate control means, the migration rate of the preservative, the "natural" erosion resistance of the preservative-free plastic and the effects of different amounts of preservatives can be detected.http://china-zhufengchem.com/