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Precautions for using bactericide (2)

Apr 25, 2020

1. Choose medicines according to the symptom for the diseases to be controlled. Choosing effective medicines is not a cure for all diseases, nor can it blindly pursue high efficiency and broad spectrum. Some bioactive drugs are only effective against a few germs and are still excellent drugs.

2. Determine the control period according to the life cycle and epidemic law of pathogens. It is necessary to decide how to use the medicine in accordance with the purpose of prevention and treatment and the means of application. For example, to control seed-borne diseases, you can mix seeds, soak seeds, stuffy seeds, seed coating, etc .; foliar application, spraying or dusting should be based on the type of protective agent, systemic agent, cure e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e4b893e5b19e31333365643633 Decide the appropriate time and frequency of medicinal application; the key to the prevention of wheat scab is to apply the pesticide at the initial flowering stage. It is in this area that there are many scientific truths and many successful technical measures. Our country has made remarkable achievements in the key period of differentiation of medicines and grasping the occurrence of diseases. Such measures should be fully publicized and applied.

3. Do not deliberately pursue high-efficiency, systemic, broad-spectrum fungicides. Many protective agents have their own unique advantages, which will last for a hundred years. For example, Bordeaux liquid and copper preparations, stone sulfur mixtures and sulfur agents. Chlorothalonil and mancozeb are widely used varieties in recent years and should be used in combination or rotation with systemic agents.