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Physical characteristics of emollients

Aug 16, 2018

Emollients are a kind of skin care products that people use very often, but they must master the correct use of them in order to achieve the corresponding effects. After each bath, a layer of emollient can be evenly applied to the body to ensure the integrity of the skin barrier.


But at the same time, experts remind you that not all emollients are applied, the better, you can choose according to the actual situation. In addition, in order to reduce allergies caused by the use of emollients, before the first use of emollients, local tests should be done. After one or two days without abnormalities, you can use them with confidence.


Glycerol is not used as an emollient because of its chemical principle but physical properties. Glycerol is a viscous fatty alcohol that is very soluble in water. Because of its very small molecular structure, its surface tension is low and it can penetrate quickly. The stratum corneum of the skin acts as a moisturizing and plasticizing agent.


Glycerol is effective as an emollient for some people. In principle, propylene glycol, azone, glycerol and DMSO have certain water absorption and moisturizing effects, but considering their experimental data, non-toxic edible C3 Alcohol is clearly the best emollient.