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Misunderstanding of the use of flame retardants

Mar 12, 2020

1. The greater the amount of flame retardant, the better the flame retardant effect

The limit oxygen index and UL-94 test experiment show that the flame retardant performance of the material has a certain relationship with the amount of flame retardant. As the amount of flame retardant added increases, the flame retardant effect shows a trend of first strengthening and then weakening, and adding too much flame retardant has a greater impact on the mechanical properties of the material.

2. The brominated flame retardants are harmless to humans and the environment

The brominated flame retardants include more than 70 varieties. Most of the brominated flame retardants have been rigorously evaluated and proved to be harmless to humans and the environment, but there are individual structures of brominated flame retardants that burn under certain conditions (such as incomplete combustion) Can form dioxin. Dioxins include 210 compounds. These substances are very stable, have a high melting point, are very difficult to dissolve in water, and can be dissolved in most organic solvents. They are colorless and odorless fat-soluble substances, so they are very easy to accumulate in organisms. The human body is seriously harmed.

3. PP flame retardant is the same as flame retardant masterbatch

PP flame retardant is a powder, suitable for modified granulation, which needs to be compounded with other synergists for formula design, while PP flame retardant masterbatch is the concentration masterbatch after the compound formulation of flame retardant, with carrier and composite flame retardant The agent is made by twin-screw granulation, which can be processed directly or granulated.