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Method for producing Pyrithione salt particles

Feb 03, 2019

Pyrithione salts are effective biocides and are therefore widely used as fungicides and bactericides in coatings and personal care products such as anti-dandruff shampoos. The polyvalent metal salt of pyrithione is only slightly soluble in water, including magnesium pyrithione, pyrithione, pyrithione, copper pyrithione, zinc pyrithione, pyrithione Cadmium and zirconium pyrithione.


Among them, the divalent pyrithione salts which are widely used at present are zinc pyrithione and copper pyrithione. Zinc pyrithione and copper pyrithione are useful as antibacterial agents active against gram positive and negative bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Zinc pyrithione can be used as an anti-dandruff component in shampoos, while industrial grade suspensions of zinc pyrithione and/or copper pyrithione can be used as preservatives in coatings and polymers. Anti-scaling agent.


Small particles of pyrithione salt are typically produced by subjecting larger particles or crystals obtained by conventional methods to separate mechanical processing steps. The large zinc pyrithione particles produced by this method are easily separated by filtration. A separate, optional milling step is used to grind the large crystals, which results in smaller sized zinc pyrithione particles.www.china-zhufengchem.com