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Main characteristics and application of zinc pyrithione inPyrithione salts

Nov 23, 2018

Pyrithione salt bactericide series include: zinc pyrithione, sodium pyrithione and copper pyrithione. Pyridine salt series products are of high quality and advanced production technology. Zinc pyrithione is an effective antibacterial and antifungal agent. It has strong killing ability against fungi and bacteria and can effectively kill dandruff-producing fungi. . It is widely used in shampoos to inhibit the growth of Gram-positive, negative bacteria and molds. It can effectively care for hair, delay the aging of hair, and control the generation of white hair and hair loss.


The main application fields of zinc pyrithione in thePyrithione salts:


Zinc pyrithione is safe to use, is an outstanding anti-scaling agent and anti-lipiding agent, and is also an efficient and safe anti-itching anti-dandruff agent, which can effectively kill dandruff-producing fungi, with itching, anti-dandruff, Reduce hair loss and delay white hair. The addition of this shampoo can improve the grade of the product and meet the high requirements of consumers for shampoo products. Therefore, the zincPyrithione salts ofPyrithione salts is widely used in the production of shampoos for daily chemical products.