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Irritating without preservatives

Jul 22, 2019

In recent years, no added preservatives have sprung up and have been favored by many cosmetics manufacturers. However, the concept of no added preservative does not comply with relevant laws and regulations. This kind of substance has antiseptic effect, but these substances are neither within the permitted use of the “Safety Technical Specifications for Cosmetics” (2015 edition) nor are they prohibited. The list. No added preservatives generally refer to raw materials that are not in the preservative range but have antiseptic properties (bacteriostatic action), of which about 20 kinds of preservative monomers, common non-additive preservatives are hexanediol, pentanediol, octyl glycol, and Hydroxyacetophenone, octanoyl hydroxamic acid, etc. [2], but the safety of such substances still needs further evaluation. In cosmetics, especially facial masks, the irritancy of some preservatives has become a non-negligible problem and is difficult to solve. It also limits the application range of some preservatives with better antiseptic properties but strong irritancy.