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Influencing factors of usage and performance of octyl glycol

By adding a certain amount of preservative to the product, the shelf life of the product can be extended. Especially in cosmetics, the use of preservatives can effectively curb bacteria and fungi, as well as protect skin care products and our skin. Octyl glycerol is a widely used additive that is used alone or in combination.


In the production of cosmetics, most of them are anti-corrosion alternative systems such as polyols. The series of additives have a clear mechanism, good toxicological reputation, and currently occupy the mainstream of no anti-corrosion. But overall, octyl glycol is not susceptible to external environmental factors, even at extreme temperatures and pH. It requires 2%-3% to be added alone, and the cost is high.


At present, the quality of octyl ginol is mainly determined by the synthesis and purification process. Another factor is the instability under direct light or heat. Industrial grade or poor quality contact between light or heat source will Structural decomposition occurs and the smell is large.www.china-zhufengchem.com