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How to use wetting agents would be better

Sep 20, 2017

Improper use of wetting agents. Much of this is due to a misunderstanding of wetting agents. The composition of wetting agents in aqueous coatings is to reduce the interfacial tension of the paint so that the paint can spread over the construction surface as paint. Because the surface tension of water is large (70 dyne / cm), this is not brushing or spraying paint. When the wetting agent is added, the tension of the coating can be reduced to less than 30. Approaching the tension of paint. Although wetting agents have a certain wetting effect on pigments, in many cases, more than two surfactants will have a synergistic effect in aqueous systems. But this requires careful experiments. Because of the combination of active agents, it is a complex technology.  Bad things can backfire. Most coating engineers do not have such conditions. One of these.

On the other hand, dispersants are highly active. It does not need to be mixed with other active agents. If it is to increase dispersion, there is no need to add wetting agents. In practice, there is a consistency between wetting agents and dispersants, and improper additions can lead to failures. Third, most non ionic wetting agents belong to the APEO class. Chemicals restricted to environmental regulations. So it seems that wetting agents are useless for grinding formulations. Harmful and unhelpful.