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How to use fungicides

Apr 30, 2020

(1) For the spraying of crops on the ground, pay attention to the spraying period. The spraying period is generally determined by the occurrence law of the disease (generally applied before or at the beginning of the disease); also consider the growth period of the crop, many diseases Are related to a certain growth stage of the crop; the tolerance of fungicides to different growth stages of the crop is different.

(2) Soil disinfection: Disinfect the soil with chemicals to cut off the source of the initial infection of the disease. Watering method, enclosed fumigation method, medicinal soil method, etc. can be used. Soil-borne diseases such as cotton wilt disease and cucumber wilt disease can be prevented and controlled in addition to seed soaking or seed dressing methods, as well as soil disinfection methods.

(3) Seedling disinfection is the chemical treatment of seeds, fruits, roots / stalks, cuttings, seedlings, seedlings or other reproductive organs. Such as seed soaking, seed dressing, seed coating, etc.