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How to buy fungicides

Mar 24, 2020

The important role of fungicides is to prevent and control crop diseases caused by microbial infections in agricultural production.

At the same time, the harvesting is not damaged by pests, and the crops, such as fruits and young leaves, have few transpiration areas before, during or after the crop growth. Other control methods in the joint comprehensive control plan use chemical agents to treat crops and their growth to reduce or eliminate pathogens or change crop metabolism.

Until now, in addition to inorganic fungicides such as Bordeaux mixture, sulfur powder, and lime sulfur mixture, there are many other organic synthetic fungicides. Organic sulfur bactericides such as mancozeb, clotrimazole, etc., the agent moves to the leaf tip to accumulate, but does not move in the opposite direction at all, carbendazim, benomyl, etc. There are many types of fungicides, but not every product is called a fungicide. Their efficacy is the same. I hope you can consult a professional when purchasing a fungicide.