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Functional requirements and protection of emollients

Mar 26, 2019

The emollients provides lubrication and protection to the skin surface during use, minimizing abrasion and making the skin soft, smooth and aesthetically pleasing. In bath products, emollients are described as re-fatting agents, which refer to substances that improve the lipid content of the upper layers of the skin, preventing excessive skin defatting and drying.

Emollients function

In cosmetic formulations, emollients serve different functions, including:

1. Replace natural skin lipids.

2. Good spreadability and occlusion, providing care and protection for the skin.

3. Improve the appearance of the skin, making the skin smooth and shiny.

4. Lubricate the skin.

5. A solubilizer used as an active ingredient, or an insoluble component dispersant (wetting and dispersing pigment).

6. Compound with some suitable ingredients (in the emulsion) to keep the skin hydrated.

7. Adjust the consistency and appearance of the formula