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Flame retardant synergist capable of replacing antimony trioxide

Jun 21, 2019

The flame retardant synergist has a low coloring strength, and the pigment can exert a large dyeing efficiency, which is advantageous for the color matching of the material and reduces the dyeing cost. Used in undyed vinyl films, it produces a pleasant black color and can also be used as a clarifying agent and decolorizing agent in the glass, germanium and ceramic industries. 

The synergistic effect theory of flame retardant synergist is an effective means to improve the flame retardant efficiency of polymer materials, and has become one of the main guiding theories for research and development of high efficiency flame retardants. The phosphazene flame retardant not only has good flame retardant properties of the phosphorus-based flame retardant, but also has the functions of flame retardant synergy and synergistic flame retardancy of the nitrogen compound, and also has good thermal stability, non-toxicity, small amount of smoke and self-purification. The advantage of extinguishing.